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  • Kronenberg, AA: 3D tongue motion tracking in oral cancer patients, Technical Medicine, 2017
  • van der Velden, FMA: Jaw Modelling: feasibility of controlling a biomechanical model of the jaw with person-specific surface electromyographic signalsTechnical Medicine, 2017
  • van der Stoel, MD: A simplified 3D mass-spring system of the lips for inverse modellingTechnical Medicine, 2017
  • Boers, TGW: Surface Reconstruction using Stereo Vision and Random-Dot Pattern Projection , Technical Medicine, 2017


  • Boonstra, S: Registration of DT-MRI. Technical Medicine, 2016
  • Porte, F: Virtual Surgery toolTechnical Medicine, 2016
  • Schaft, EV: Inverse modelling optimizationTechnical Medicine, 2016
  • Fichtinger, NA: Effects of surgery on tongue mobility. (in progress). Medicine, 2016
  • Go, M: The effect of surgery on tongue movements in relation to the volume of resected specimen in patients with oral tongue cancer. Health Sciences, 2016
  • Kappert KDR: Prediction of functional impairment after a partial glossectomy using virtual surgery on a finite element model of the tongue. Technical Medicine, 2016.
  • Bekhuis REM: Feasibility of tongue movement classification based on surface EMG signals. Technical Medicine, 2016.
  • van Staveren ES: Controlling a biomechanical lip model with surface EMG. Technical Medicine, 2016.
  • van der Waal JG: Feasibility of sEMG guided inverse modelling. Technical Medicine, 2016.


  • van Erp M: Shear wave ultrasound elastography of the tongue: a proof of principleTechnical Medicine, 2015.
  • van den Boorn M: Reproducibility of the sEMG measurement in a new virtual lip model. Technical Medicine, 2015.
  • Kappert KDR: Biomechanical modelling of the lips and their facial muscles in ArtiSynth. Technical Medicine, 2015.
  • Vink J: Design and validation of a lip model: assessment of new training instructionsTechnical Medicine, 2015.
  • Tolhuisen M: Including EMG data as a cost function term in the inversed modelling algorithm of ArtiSynth: a proof of principle. Technical Medicine,2015.


  • Bartelds JT: Modelling the human tongue: inverse simulations on highly redundant biomechanical systems. Electrical Engineering, 2014.
  • Roelofs D: Feasibility of perioperative stimulation of the facial nerve for creation of a patient-specific lip model. Technical Medicine, 2014.
  • Wickering EJ: Repeatability of sEMG measurement for the virtual lip model. Technical Medicine, 2014.
  • Thannhauser J: A static virtual lip model based on principal component analysisTechnical Medicine, 2014.
  • Al Samarrai D: 3D Registration of T1 and T2 weighted MRI imagesTechnical Medicine, 2014.


  • Boers AMM: Improve and link perioral EMG to specific facial poses and speech for prediction of function loss after surgery in oral cancer patientsTechnical Medicine, 2012.
  • Hendriks MS: Improve lip marker tracking using robust principal component analysisTechnical Medicine, 2012.
  • Besslink NJ & Reinke L: Optimizing and standardizing the method of simultaneous EMG and filming 3D geometry of the lipsTechnical Medicine, 2012.
  • Meulstee JW: 3D lip modelling using fluorescent markers and 3D filtered Marker TrackingTechnical Medicine, 2012.


  • Eskes M: Implementation and coupling of EMG signals and lip markersTechnical Medicine, 2011.
  • Anninga B: 3D modelling of the lip using a marker tracking video systemTechnical Medicine, 2011.
  • Grootendorst MR: 3D modelling of the lip based on the contraction patterns of the perioral facial muscles detected by the surface EMG technology Technical Medicine, 2011.


  • van Alphen MJA: Investigation on possibilities for dynamic 3D visualization of the tongueTechnical Medicine, 2009.